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::Breighton:: Busy Week as Always

Posted 2020-02-11 11:26:00
This weekend we went to 4-H day at the Florida State Fair. I enjoyed seeing the DPI display, talking to the UF bugs people and seeing all the fair exhibits. We dont do the rides but enjoy the expo halls. I found a cool plant booth and spent far too much on orchids, clippings, succulents and other fun things for landscaping some of my pet cages. My OCE class had a field trip to the [...]

::Breighton:: SPC Honors College Conference

Posted 2020-02-08 11:20:00
This is my first honors college conference. I opted to take it easy this year and see how all of this is done. I entered my artwork on insect adaptations. I enjoyed sitting through the talks from my class mates and the poster sessions. My favorite part though was talking about my artwork. I love talking bout insects and photography. My work was selected to represent SPC at the Southern Regional Honors Conference in March [...]

::Breighton:: Extra Credit

Posted 2020-02-07 11:14:00
The one thing I like about my classes this term is that I can earn extra credit for attending various events around the county. This week I did three events, Brooker Creek, Moccasin Lake and Tarpon Aquarium. Moccasin Lake Park had a Fantastic Beasts themed event. I got to meat the hawks, learn about snakes, turtles , plants and so much more. Tarpon Aquarium was a fun trip as well. I advent been there since [...]

::Breighton:: Brooker Creek Insect Outreach

Posted 2020-01-31 16:14:00
Today I took my collection and vast insect knowledge to Brooke Creek Preserve to help Mr. James with a presentation. Students from SPC were coming out today to learn about insects. I was there to support the program, show my collections and answer questions. We had a lovely time learning about insects in the classroom then went on a longer hike to see what we could find. I was able to help ID specimens and [...]