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::Emmerson:: Busy few months... sort of

Posted 2020-10-17 19:02:50
Let's see, what has been going on lately? Nothing. A whole lot of NOTHING. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many of our normal activities to a grinding halt. We are using this time at home to get ahead on all of our 4-H work so that we can just sail through the second half of the year. We have been doing lots of ZOOM classes with 4-H. We made monster bookmarks and have been working [...]

::Breighton:: September and October Fun

Posted 2020-10-17 18:48:19
We had a fun family trip down to Gatorland Zoo in Orlando. We arrived early to hopefully beat the crowds and heat. We enjoyed the alligators. We got hot but had a fun time. We took the swamp buggy tour ride and enjoyed it but all felt bumped around during it. It was like the Jungle Cruise but more... ummm....swampy? Our day wrapped up at Disney Springs with a yummy Dole Whip Float and some [...]

::Breighton:: Pets, Projects and ...

Posted 2020-10-10 18:25:47
As I said, we are around the house a LOT lately. The animals are getting way too much attention and constantly demanding more. Sunshine is a diva. The cats have overtaken the living room claiming it for their own. E and I are knocking out our 4-H project books so we are all done in case things open up in the spring. We enjoyed a few weeks playing with the Mars Base Camp 4-H kit [...]

::Breighton:: The ZOOM where it happens...

Posted 2020-10-01 18:14:31
This has certainly been a different year so far. Normally we are racing from event to event and out days are jammed with fun learning opportunities, friend time and academics. With the pandemic not seeming to let up yet we are spending a lot more time around the house. Mom has scoured the internet to find fun Zoom classes. In the past month we have had countless 4-H meetings, participated in a fun state wide [...]